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Summertime plans

Posted by aztrail4fms on July 10, 2009 at 5:45 PM

Now that it has been a month and a half since I finished the trail, I feel like I?ve finally begun to realize that my Arizona Trail adventure is over. Now for The Question: What to do now? Brian and I recently returned from a trip to visit family in Chicago and Michigan. We were hoping to get out of the heat, but instead Tucson had lower than average temps while in the Midwest, it was 90 degrees with 90% humidity. Oh well. We dealt with the heat by spending a lot of time at lakes and pools. That was fun- I don?t get to hang out at lakes much in southern AZ. I went kayaking for the first time, and can?t wait to go again. It was really nice to visit family, but not in the least bit relaxing. I got to meet my 6-month old nephew Devin for the first time. My brother is the first one out of us three kids to have children, which of course brought the question from everyone: So, when are YOU going to have children, Sirena? I no longer have my excuse that I am hiking across Arizona?


Well, its summertime and monsoon season in Tucson, so that severely limits my hiking/backpacking possibilities. So, I have to find other ways to amuse myself for the summer. I began volunteering at a wildlife rehabilitation center near my house. I took in a finch that my cat had gotten a hold of to the rehab center last month and got a tour of the place. It is run by a couple that has turned their house into a rehab center. There were all kinds of owls, hawks, and other birds held in numerous aviaries and also an area for small mammals. I am excited to be able to help these animals get better so they can get back into the wild. Another project I am looking forward to is that I have signed up to be on a committee that will be writing the new Arizona Trail Guidebook. I cursed the current guidebook many times on my hike for being out-of-date, vague, and the maps were terrible. I hope we will be able to produce a guidebook that is easy to use, helpful, and informative. I will also be continuing to volunteer trailbuilding on the Arizona Trail with the Crazies for my third summer in a row.


So, what have I been scheming for when it finally cools down again? I decided that I would like to hike the entire Tonto Trail in the Grand Canyon. I hiked from South Kaibab to Grandview in April as an alternate route for Passage 37 and had one of the best backpacking trips I?ve ever had. It was my first foray off the corridor trails in the Canyon and I loved the fact that there were so few people and that I could camp wherever I wanted. Those journals will be posted soon. In October, I will do another piece of the Tonto, and I plan to go back to the Canyon once in spring and once in fall till I have completed the Tonto trail. Other than the Tonto trail- once the monsoons are over, the options for exploration are endless. I look forward to revisiting the White Canyon Wilderness, one of my favorite parts of the Arizona Trail, as well as finding new parts of Arizona to fall in love with.


Still filling in the journal- I posted journals from April 14-15 and there are two in the archived entries for March 11 and April 8.

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