Mexican Border to Parker Canyon Lake- February 25-27 Mexican Border to Parker Canyon Lake- February 25-27 Obelisk at the Mexican Border The start of the Arizona Trail 281448 San Jose Peak from the US/Mexican Border The view south from the US/Mexico border 281426 Montezuma Pass Me, Terry, Richard, Dave H. and Dave B. 281451 San Jose Peak, Mexico 281454 Miller Peak Turnoff The highest point on the Arizona Trail at 9100ft. 281450 Aspens, Pines and Snow 281445 Camp above Bathtub Springs First camp on the Arizona Trail 281425 First Sunset 281444 Snack Break What a view! 281455 "The Blimp" The blimp is looking out for illegals and drug smugglers. According to the large volumes of trash with labels in Spanish that we saw, it's not helping much. 281457 Parker Canyon Lake and the Canelo Hills Looking at our destination for the day's end 281452 Petroglyph in Sycamore Canyon This petroglyph is in an old roadbed in Sycamore Canyon right before the Miller Peak Wilderness Boundary 281453 Through the Miller Peak Wilderness boundary Through the first wilderness area on the Arizona Trail 281446 Manzanita 281447 Miller Peak from Parker Canyon Lake 281449 Terry Woolston, Dave Baker, Dave Hicks, and Richard Corbett My companions for Passage 1 281456