Oracle Ridge Oracle Ridge Nouveau Summerhaven Most of Summerhaven was burned down in a large fire in 2003, the new houses are huge and have no tree cover. 61884930 Stopping at the Mt. Lemmon Cafe This used to be the best place to get a giant slice of pie in Summerhaven. Several months after I was there, the place closed and they subsequently razed the building, which was one of the only ones that survived the 2003 fire. 61884931 Oracle Ridge Tr. 61884932 Looking north 61884933 Looking at San Pedro Valley and Galiuros 61884934 Marble Peak 61884935 Oracle Ridge 61884936 61884937 Among the burn 61884938 Dan Saddle Camp 61884939 61884940 Looking into the Canada Del Oro 61884941 Reef of Rock 61884942 Galiuros, Santa Teresas and Pinalenos 61884943 Jeep track up to Rice Peak 61884944 Looking back at Rice Peak 61884945 Picacho Peak and Biosphere 2 61884946 Looking west through Charouleau Gap 61884947 Conglomerate 61884948 Boulders on the Cody Trail 61884950 Nearing American Flag TH 61884951 American Flag Trailhead This is where I originally got the idea to hike the Arizona Trail. 61884952