Arizona Trail for Fibromyalgia

800 miles across Arizona to raise awareness for Fibromyalgia

Donor List

I would like to thank the following people who have donated so generously:

Sharon Sheafe

Budh and Anna Rana 

Lisa, Mark, Max, Morgan, and Marisa Kopitz

Sue and Dan Canavan

James M Shea 

Susan and Martin Brownstein


Miller's Corner 

SMASH Fibromyalgia Support Group- Phoenix, Arizona 

Larry Schnebly

Susan Vose 

Joe Hernandez-Kolski 

Lisa Mislak

Jeff Bridge

Kit Doll-Shemas 

Stephanie Szymanski

Laddie and Sue Cox

Judy K. Eidson 

Brett Tucker

Sherran Armstrong

Joe Longbotham

Pamela Curren

Shelley Slapion-Foote

 ...And most of all, thank you to my wonderful husband Brian for his support and patience with my never-ending talk about this hike!